Thursday, April 24, 2014

Technical Problems and Arrival

Sorry it has taken me so long to post!! I had the wrong converter for my laptop so I could not use it until I found one. I got one yesterday, but then I could not get connected to the internet. I think I finally have everything working now. Now I can get caught up with every thing.

On our way to Barcelona we stopped at the Newark Airport, This is just outside of Manhattan. I was able to see the Empire State building and The Statue of Liberty as we were landing. However I was not able to get any good pictures. We were stuck at the airport for four hours before we were finally able to make our final flight to Barcelona.
(This is a picture of Manhattan as we began to take off again.)

(Flying above the clouds on our way to Barcelona)

When we finally arrived in Barcelona we met our contact person at the airport and took a bus to the school.
 (This is a view of our school. It is actually much larger than this.)
Cristina met me at the school and we went to visit a friend of hers. We ate doughnuts while we were there, and then they drove me around the city to show me some of the different sights. After this Cristina made lunch before we had to be back at the school. We had salmon with cheese and rice with sausages. There was also a piece of cake that looked delicious, but I did not have time to eat it. At the school we had orientation. This was very hard to sit through with the jet lag that I was experiencing. We discussed the rules of the school and safety in Barcelona. We took a tour of the school after this and I soon realized I was going to get lost every day. After orientation we had a reception for student teachers where I finally met Javier (Javi), Blanca, and Santi for the first time. After the reception we returned home and I proceeded to unpack. Cristina had to leave to go to a meeting, but Javier arrived soon after she left. We all ate dinner together which was pasta, a meat patty, and french fries. After dinner in Spain they always eat a yogurt or fruit for dessert. Not long after eating dinner I went to sleep. I tried to stay awake to watch tv with the family, but found it impossible. My jet lagged body just couldn't do anymore.

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