Friday, May 9, 2014

Last Week

I just realized that I didn´t have a post about the beginning of last week. I didn´t do very much before heading to Ireland. On Monday I spent time with my host family and worked on some of my tutoring hours. Right after school on Tuesday we went to Sagrada Familia which is a cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudi. It was breathtaking. As soon as I saw the building my jaw dropped and didn´t come back up until we had left. It was like walking into another world. Everything was extravagent. Construction began on this building in 1882 and they are still working on it today. The building process relies entirely on donations. It was absolutely spectacular.

After Sagrada Familia, Carley and I headed back to Park Guell to see the areas that we did not get to see on Saturday. Park Guell was also designed by Gaudi so we thought it was fitting to go to both places on the same day.

On Wednesday I stayed at home to spend some time with the family before I left for the airport Wednesday night.

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